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1 BIS 18


The round starts with a par 4 . With an index of 5 most players will have at least one stroke so it is not necessary to take on the lake to your left. However, do not try and avoid the lake by aiming too far to the right. Approximately 15 metres to the right of the fairway the out-of bounds will spoil a good start to the round. More favourable is a hybrid or medium-long iron to the middle of the fairway, which will slope to the left from here. Miss the green bunker on the right and with your third shot on the green, 2 putts and your round is off to a good start .



A relatively long par 3 awaits you. The fairway slopes to the left but in your efforts to attack the right-hand side of the green you must resist the pull of  the out-of-bounds on the right. If you succeed in playing your ball safely onto the fairway, or even better, onto the green, you are home and dry. If, on the other hand, you have mastered the slice, perhaps a mid-iron from the tee and a short iron to the green is a better option. It may also help you avoid the greenside bunker on the left. Many of you will also get a shot here, so hopefully, it’s off to tee 3 with another 2 points in the bag.


With its wide landing area this hole invites the use of the driver.However, do not underestimate the magnetic effect of water on the right and the next group of trees. Another hidden group of trees on the left can pose a threat to the long-hitter. Defensive orientated players may elect to play a 5 wood. Having then landed your ball on the fairway, your second shot should be a 3 or 5 wood aimed long and to the right  of the fairway centre which continues to slope to the left.Approx. 100m from the green, about the level where a small ditch is marked with yellow posts, the raised green will require a club more but careful, just beyond the green is out-of-bounds. The two-tier green will now test your putting skills.


Another par 5 where you can collect points if you have mastered  the long shots.Speaking of of which..In most tournaments „longest drive“ is played on this hole. Inspite of the out-of-bounds on the left, the fairway slopes to the right and therefore requires a teeshot left of centre. The bunker some 300m further on the left provides a good target and from the middle of the fairway a long second shot should also target the left side .The third shot will obviously depend on the length of the first two,but the bunker makes it better to be long and left than short and right. The green also slopes from the left.


This par 3 with an index of 9 requires both length and precision. The biotop in front of the green attracts many a stray shot and the winding path to the left will propel any ball landing on it into the trees. To crown it all, a small, challenging green that slopes back towards the teebox.For the lower handicap players an ongoing temptation to reach the green in one but for  the less ambitious a low risk shorter shot left and level with the green will leave any easy pitch to the flag. The alternative could be a drop in front of the biotop or a lost ball in the penalty area far left.


This par 5 has an index of 1 so don’t panic, you may even get 2 shots here ! Tall trees to the right of the second half of this slight dogleg right means a teeshot left into the valley 25m below,will provide a good angle for your second. The insatiable biotop on the right is another reason to aim left, but careful !The fairway slopes to the left and an inconspicuous out-of-bounds here can mean 3 from the tee! If all has gone well, you will be playing your second shot from the lowest point on the course at 380m. The challenge here is threefold.You must play uphill to a landing area you cannot see, and aim at trees on the right because the fairway slopes to the left towards  the out-of-bounds. The safest shot here is probably a medium iron. Too long left or right and your ball could be playing ping pong among the trees. Your 3rd or 4th shot  should now be to the right of the green which slopes  left. Too short and you may find your ball in the bunker 2 m below the hole. Most bogeys feel like a birdie here.


As compensation for having just played the most difficult hole on the course, you are now on the tee of the easiest par 3.In most tournaments this is where „ nearest-to-the pin“ is played.For many, a short to medium iron should be sufficient to reach the green. With out-of-bounds and a deep bunker on the left, a shot aimed right of the flag is a safer option , but don’t overdo it. A ditch is lurking down the right-hand side of the green and too long may find the out-of-bounds behind the green.


This par 4 is a right-angled dogleg left. Cutting the corner will require a very high, approx.200m carry, so here is the strategy for the other 99%. A 180m shot at the oaktree straight in front of you will see your ball roll to the left towards the hole. You now have a clear view of the green and the  right-to left sloping fairway.The green runs quite steeply from back to front so keep your approach shot below the hole in you can.


The last par 5 on the course and the last hole before the halfway-house is a dogleg right.Enjoy the relaxing view from the tee and aim your drive to the left of the same oaktree that served you as a target on the previous hole.For most players, your second shot can be as long as you like and left of centre fairway.Your approach should enable you to take out your putter for the 4th shot, provided of course, that you have avoided the deep bunker to the left and the penalty area to the right.Again, the green slopes from back to front and, depending on the ball position, from left to right.


The back 9 start with a par 4 dogleg right.Have a good look at the layout on the tee box sign. It’s the only way to see the fairway and green.A draw over the bushes on the right is one option, but the safer option ist to aim left towards the slope . Any ball landing not too high up the slope or left of centre fairway will make its way down to the right and leave a clear shot to the green, which is approx. 15m up to the right. Any ball landing right of the green is in danger of rolling down towards the trees, so aim slightly left, avoiding ,if possible , another group of trees up on the left.


A par 4, slight dogleg left and index 8. A wide fairway and an uphill slope of approx.30m requires a good drive left of centre.The ball will roll right and leave a clear view of the green.Reachable with a long iron, the green is protected by a deep bunker front left and scrubs on the right. With a midsize iron and a pitch it maybe easier to leave the ball below the hole for an uphill putt.


The mens tee of this par 4 is the highest point (455m) of our course. Nevertheless, the green, which is 35m lower than the tee, lies invisible approx. 120m beyond the imposing tree at the centre of the fairway.This green is protected by a bunker on the left, trees to the right and out-of-bounds behind the green.A wise choice of club is a mid iron or hybrid just over the tree. Here the fairway slopes down towards the green from right to left.The approach shot requires careful choice of club, preferably allowing the ball to land steeply on the green. Anything too short may catch the last few meters of the slope , jump forward and roll over the green.Two good shots here and a birdie putt is there for the taking.


This par 4 with a slight dogleg left is little more than a long par 3 and is thus classified as index 18, the easiest hole on the course. Nevetheless, there are still a couple a things to take into account.The fairway slopes from left to right and climbs approx. 20m to the edge of the green , which cannot be completely seen from the tee. Out-of-bounds the length of the hole and a bunker right of the green make a mid iron or hybrid from the tee a wise choice. A short iron should then see you safely on the green which slopes slightly from back to front.


After an easy par 4 you are now faced with one of the more difficult par 4’s.( index 4 ). At 450m above sea level you can enjoy a marvellous panoramic view of the Taunus countryside.Treat youself to 2-3 deep breaths of Taunus air before you drive your ball into the valley 40m below.The right half of the fairway will give you a perfect angle for the long second shot to the green.But be careful, a head wind usually blows here and a slice can carry your ball into the out-of-bounds right. The second shot should  target the left side of the fairway which slopes left to right, as does the green.With the fairway narrowing towards the green and out-of-bounds right, 2 shots to a difficult green maybe the better option, especially if there is a tendency to slice. Most players have at least one shot here so 5 is a good score.


One tough par 4 follows another, this time the hardest with an index of 2 and a dogleg right. Only the most confident longhitters with a carry of 250m should attempt to clear the trees on the right. The safe option is to play up to or just beyond the road and keep to the left. This will offer the best angle for the next (blind ) shot for which a mid iron or hybrid is the best choice.The flag should now be visible and a short iron onto the flat green, followed by 2 putts will mean points in the bag


After two difficult holes you have earned some relief  with this straightforward par 3. The bunker front left of the  green is fairly flat but beware of the out-of-bounds right.


One of the easier par 4’s with a slight dogleg right. The green is not visible from the tee, but a teeshot centre left of 180-200m will leave a good angle for the second. The green lies approx. 20m below and the approach should land steeply on the green. Anything too short can catch the steep slope in front of the green and take an unfortunate bounce. The green slopes from back to front and is also protected by a bunker front left.


Even though the 19th is tantalizingly close, you should remain focused for the next 15 minutes.. This par 4 with an index of 6 is 20m uphill and often accompanied by a headwind. With its very wide and visible fairway no straight drive is too long. If you  go for the green in 2,keep your second up to the right, as anything too far left could find the lake.For most players  it’s safety-first with the second shot and a short iron for the third to  a green that slopes from right to left.

No recommendation necessary for the next step…a thirst quencher is your choice alone!

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