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Thank you from children in South Africa

Thank you from children in South Africa

10.05.2018 12:02:00
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Dear Staff and children at Golf Club Taunus Weilrod

Thank you so much for your continued support of the Imibala Sponsor-a-Child programme and for increasing the number of children you support to SIX!!

Please find attached thank you letters from the children. Lucas Tafewi whom you supported last year has left school in our area, while the other 3 new children opted to draw their thanks for you. We hope you enjoy their artwork.

Unfortunatley it is not at this stage possible to find children of this age who enjoy golf – or even  who know what golf is. The homes they come from are so poor that they cannot afford to buy school clothes. When they come to get their clothes we explain to them about you, so hopefully one day they will be interested in golf!

With much appreciation for your partnership with us, as we invest together in the lives of children in the Helderberg region of the Western Cape.


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